Get Gone Action on Festival

Tonight is the big AWARDS Dinner for AOF Film Festival and Writer/Producer/Director Michael Thomas Daniel will be there to hopefully bring home the awards for the nominations garnered by GET GONE.

Best Actor Nods to Robert Miano and Rico E. Anderson
Best Actress Nom to Lin Shaye
Best Villian to Wes Cage


Now, what you may not be aware of, was 1 month ago, Michael Thomas Daniel was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer Matastisized in his lungs and liver and is a little under a month into his Chemo treatments, and still he showed up for the Film Festival.

We are asking, and its not a neccastiy, if you feel in your heart a desire to help with the burden our beloved director is facing, any love, support prayer or donation is greatly appreciated.

Sunday morning Michael has to return to Bend OR to get more infusions and could use your love.

Thank you