Lin Shaye when interviewed about The Grudge brings up Get Gone

On a recent interview on Starry Constellation Magazine for her part in "The Grudge" Lin discusses Get Gone.

Kelly Kearney asks You have a slasher movie coming out titled Get Gone where you play “Mama,” the matriarch of the Maxwell family. Tell the fans a little bit about this internet hoax meets hillbilly family meets masked killer story and how your character fits in.

Lin replies with this wonderful response

A friend of mine, Mark David, was the DP on it. He called me and said there’s this movie shooting in beautiful Oregon, out in the woods, and the guy is a first-time filmmaker and there’s a great role for me. And I said no, I wasn’t doing it. [laughs] I realize I’m often a no first person, but then I thought maybe I should read it. And, so I did, and I actually thought it was quite good! I thought the character…There’s one monologue she had that was really wonderfully written. I’ve discovered that when it’s a good writer you learn it word for word. No improv, no adding in things, like how it is on “Penny Dreadful” where the writing is so spectacular, and every word is precise and that specific. I thought the same about this particular monologue in Get Gone. It really caught me. There was so much in it. So, long story short, I said I would do it and went up to Oregon and met with the director Michael Thomas Daniel. So, I was there I guess ten days and we shot the film and there was a lot of frustration just because I’m used to a real professional setup, it makes your work easier and it makes it more fun and it was a difficult shoot but they were very nice to me and they put me up in a beautiful hotel because we were on the Washington/Oregon border. And I can’t remember the name of the resort, but everybody else was living in cabins. I didn’t want to be in those little cabins. I needed a hot bathtub after a long day. So, they catered to my whim. They might have spent more money on me than they did on the whole movie (which I didn’t ask them to do), but they were very generous, and they didn’t have to be. I did love the character. So, cut to suddenly this little movie is winning all these awards and the fun thing was for a first-time director when you don’t really know the rules you don’t have to play by them! He got himself a badge and he marched into the AFM and he sold the movie to Phoenix International and they bought the film. Then, he started submitting it to all these festivals and it started winning awards. Then, Cleopatra (which is basically a music company but also started producing films) just bought it and now it’s getting a little release in theaters and it’s got a legitimate fanbase. I have not seen the final cut, but as a first-time movie maker he did everything himself. It really became a work of love and commitment to get this thing off the ground and finished. Michael, God bless his heart, he learned as he went and was relentless about getting it done. So, it was a very interesting journey. I have tremendous regard for his tenacity and his talent. He’s enormously talented and with him comes a really big ego. Quite frankly, without his ego he couldn’t have gotten any of this accomplished. We could probably all use a bigger ego like that.

You can see the whole interview on Starry Constellation Magazine HERE

Let's hope she likes the final cut.